Metrology & Calibartion

Mechanical Scope – Dimension(Length, Dia, Vernier, Micrometer, Hole/Shaft Gauges, Thread Gauges, Fixture, Height Gauge, Radius, Angle etc), Pressure(Industrial Pressure, Gauge Pressure , Pressure Switch, ransmitter, Vacuum etc.), Mass(Balance, Weight), Force(UTM, CTM,TTM), Hardness, Volumatic Instruments

Thermal – Temp, Humidity

Electro Technical

3D Scanner

  • It is used for reverse engineering for new development & designing (Max. use in Forging, Casting & Modelling Industries )
  • Portable – CMM

Surface Roughness Tester

Surface roughness tester is used for checking the finishing of machining surface (for bore, hole, internal & external wall axial & radial wall etc.)

Universal Length Measurement Machine

It is used for calibration of various types of checking instruments, like vernier , micrometer, bore gauge, thread gauge, angular thread gauge , snap gauge, plug gauge dial indicator etc.

Nikon CMM with polyworks software

For measuring the physical, geometrical characteristics of an object. Modelling is more easier and faster than catia.

Pressure Calibration Comparator

Calibration of All type of Industrial Pressure, gauge Pressure, Pressure Switch Transmitter etc . Up to 1000 Bar Accuracy 0.05% fs

Profile Projector

Lens 10X,20X,50X, 100X Calibration of Radius, Angle, Chamfer, Jig, Fixture, Aperture etc

Temperature Calibration System

Calibration of controller Thermocouple, Sensor, Thermometer, Recorder, Furnace, Oven -80˚C To 1500˚C

Volume And Mass Calibration

Calibration of Standard Weight,Volumatic Glass ware etc

Force Calibration Unit


Gauge Block Calibration System

Calibration of all type of gauge block all grade.

Ultrasonic Flow Detector

Calibration of all type of gauge block all grade.