Millipore Testing, Salt Spray Testing, Microscope Testing, Vicker Hardness Test, Rockwell Hardness Test, Brinel Hardness Test, UV Tester Paint/ Coating, Plastics & Polymer Impact Testing, Corrosion Testing For Paint/ Coating, Metallographic/ Micro Structure Test, Spectro Analysis (Ferros and Non-Ferros), DFT Testing And Microscope Testing, Universal Tensile Testing Machine (Rubber & Polymer)-20KN, Universal Tensile Testing Machine (For Metal Product) – 1000KM

General Purpose Belt Grinder

It is used for grinding and cleaning rust from surface of job before hardness and microscopic testing.

Automatic Mounting Press

Thin and small specimen are mounted for easy handling before microscopic testing

Double Disc Grinder

To grind and polish the sample (mirror like surface) before microscopic study.

Microscope with Photography

Microstructural study of multiphase analysis, grain size, inclusion rating of steel and graphite forms & nodularity of cast iron.

Vickers Hardness Tester

It is used for grinding and cleaning rust from surface of job before hardness and microscopic testing.

Brinell Hardness Tester

Casting, Forging, Steel Etc.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Carbides, Thin Steel, Case Hardened Steel, Copper Alloys, Soft Steels, Aluminium alloys.

Millipore Test Apparatus

To test the cleanliness of machine surfaces by rinsing with high pressure jet and then estimating the quantity of dirt in the wash.

U.V. Tester

To check deterioration of paint quality under environment having ultraviolet light.

Corrosion Test Chamber

To evaluate the deterioration in paint quality with the passage of time in changing environment of humidity & temp.

Salt Spray Tester

To check corrosion resistance of steel and coatings in marine atmosphere.

Shore hardness Tester (Durometer)

To test the hardness of rubber and plastic samples (On Shore Scale).

Dry Film Thickness (DFT Tester)

To determine the Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of the paint / coating on the painted & coated surface.

Gloss Meter

To check the Gloss value of a painted surface.

Cupping Test Apparatus

To check the resistance & flexibility of the coating & paint applied to sheet metal.

UTM for R&P

To determine the tensile, compressive, bend & adhesive strength of rubber/ polymers.

Environmental Test Chamber

  • It is used on the above UTM for checking strength and elongation properties under varying temperature from
  • -70 to +3000°c

Impact Testing Machine

To determine impact strength of standard samples of plastics and polymer products.

Composition Analyzer (Spectrum)

To analyze major constituents of rubber and polymers

Fusion Point Tester

To determine fusion point of given plastic and polymers


Used for determination of viscosity of oil.

Fire and Flash Point Tester

To Test Fire/Flash Point of Oil.

Abrasive Cutting M/c

To cut a specimen for testing from raw material or broken industrial auto parts. (for ferrous, non-ferrous, mineral and ceramic samples)

UTM (Ultimate Tensile Testing Machine) for Metals

To test tensile, compression , bend, peel, stiffness properties of ferrous and non-ferrous samples.

Muffle Furnace (Heat Treatment)

To test the hardenability of a steel sample by heating it to a pre determined temperature followed by quenching and then measuring hardness

Jominy hardenability Tester

It is used for checking hardenability of steel samples.


Spectrolab- Direct Reading Optical Emission Spectrometer

  • Chemical analysis of Low alloy steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium & its alloy and Cu & its alloy.

Ultra Flow Detector

To Detect Inter Defects In Metal & Alloys

Impact Testing M/C

It is Use To Test Resistance Of Metal Alloys To External Impact

Stereo Microscope

It is used for Weld Penetration of Welded Parts in Metal & Alloys