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Various Facilities to be developed by AAC?

Adityapur Auto Cluster would develop following facilities in Adityapur for the use of its members:

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure

  • Design support required for computer aided manufacturing
  • Hi -Tech Laboratory
  • Common facilities for addressing information and knowledge dispersal needs, business needs for meeting clients, conference facility and marketing and documentation center
  • A Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CCETP)
  • A Hazardous Waste Management Facility (HWMF)

Labs to be Developed

1. Hi Tech Laboratory with R& D & Benchmarking Center will have following facilities:
  • Structural Dynamic Lab
  • Metallurgical Lab
  • Meteorological Lab
  • NVH Lab.
  • Electronic and Control Lab
  • Tool Room
  • Design Lab
  • Technical Library
  • Computer Aided Engineering Lab

  • CETP - Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  • HWMF - Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Need for CETP - Water (Pollution & Control) Act -1974 and after Bhopal Tragedy in 1984, GOI enacted umbrella act -'Environment Protection Act – 1986 under this act MINAS & other discharge standards were formulated.

CPCB & SPCB made responsible to issue consent to operate all water polluting industries needs to install ETP so as to have end of pipe treatment before discharge.

CPCB acknowledges that a large number of small scale industries are capable of production of high levels of pollution.

For a standalone ETP's, the running cost is high, high supervision and maintenance is a must.

Therefore, especially the Small Scale industries require a common facility to address the environment needs and share development costs.

Technologies to be adopted for CETP & HWMF

  • A secured land fill facility
  • Temporary storage sheds
  • A laboratory for waste categorization and environment monitoring
  • Monitoring wells for checking groundwater contamination
  • Leach ate Treatment Plant
  • Green Belt, Other equipments and site infrastructure

3. Common Facility Centre
  • Multipurpose Conference and Convention Centre
  • Support centre, supporting broadband, video conferencing, customer relationship management facility etc.
  • Business centre & International Marketing and information Centre