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Why does the adityapur industrial area requires common business centre?

  • Premier Area for Auto products but lacks in common conference spaces for industrial representatives & exporters to meet.
  • Little information is available on units or products being developed in this area on a common platform.
  • Absence of broadband connectivity in this area.
  • Lack of adequate level of mechanization and computerization.

Benefits available to the industrial area after establishment of AAC?

  • A World Class Hi- Tech Lab at Adityapur
  • Training and Research Centre
  • Pollution Free Environment
  • World Class Business Centre and Marketing Centre for your Products

Benefits for the members of AAC?

  • Members would be entitled to participate in all the General Meeting of Company
  • Appoint Directors of the Company
  • Present your views for the Development of your industries through a professional organization
  • Provide Training to your technical Manpower to use various machineries and latest technologies
  • Compliance of Pollution Laws
  • Use the Facilities of Adityapur Auto Cluster at Concessional rate and on priority basis than to non members
  • Overall increase in the valuation of your industries by having world class Lab and other facilities at your doorstep

How to be the member of AAC?

Any Company/ Partnership Firm/ Individual can become member of this Company by subscribing to the Equity Share Capital of the Company when Board of the Company invite subscription for its equity Capital or by getting shares from existing members.